Change of headquarter address into different province

Change of headquarter address into different province

         The address of the headquarter is one of the necessary information recorded on the Business Registration Certificate. Therefore, when there is a change of information about the address of the headquarter, the enterprise must register the change with the competent authority. So, what should enterprises notice of when changing their headquarters into different province or city directly under the Central Government?

The procedure of headquarter address change.

Step 1: Carry out the procedure of headquarter address change registration with the tax authority which you are moving away:

         When you change the headquarter into another province or city, it will also change the tax authority, so the enterprise needs to submit a revised tax registration form to the tax office that you are moving away

         Deadline for submitting the registration: 10 working days from the date the change arises.

         In addition, enterprises must submit a report on the use of invoices along with a list of unused invoices to that tax authority.

Step 2: Carry out procedure for registration of change headquarter address with business registration office:

        The time limit to submit a registration file for change is 10 days since the day the enterprise receives the taxpayer’s notice of relocation of the tax office of the place of departure.

        The file of registration for change of headquarter includes:

        – Notice of change in business registration content.

        – Copy of the amended Charter.

        – List of founding shareholders, foreign investor shareholders for joint stock companies; list of members for limited liability companies, list of partnerships for partnerships and list of authorized representatives.

        – Decision and copy of meeting minutes of joint stock company, two-members or more limited liability company; the decision of the company owner to the one-member limited liability company on changing the headquarter to other provinces and cities under central authority.

        Enterprises submit their application to the Business Registration Office where the new head office is located.

        Processing time: 03 working days since the business registration authority receives a valid application.

        After that, the Business Registration Office at the new headquarter will send information of the enterprise to the business registration office previously registered.

Step 3: Engrave new seal and notify the change of the seal pattern:

        After moving the headquarter to another province or city, the enterprise must re-engrave the seal and send the notice of changing the seal sample to the business registration office where the new headquarter is located.

Step 4: Procedures with the new tax authority:

        Since there is a link between the Department of Planning and Investment and the tax office, when changing the headquarter into a different province or city directly under the Central Government, the enterprise only needs to make a change registration dossier with the Department of Business Registration of the Planning and Investment Department. The business registration agency will then transfer the information of the enterprise to the tax office where the enterprise is about to locate.

        It should be noted that in case there is still an unused old invoice and the enterprise still wants to continue using that invoice form, it is required to notify the adjustment of information at the invoice issuance notice, clearly stating the number of unused issued invoices which will continue to be used and send it to the new tax office.

        If the enterprise no longer wants to use the old invoice form, it must notify the old tax authority of the result of invoice cancellation within thirty (30) days since the date of notification and carry out the notification issuing a new invoice to the new tax authority no later than two (02) days before the enterprise starts using the invoice.

        Here are some crucial steps that enterprises need to perform when they want to change their headquarter address into different province or city directly under the central government. To get more information about this issue, please contact: 024 6653 9546 to get more support and answer.


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