Integrated Mark Registration

Integrated Mark Registration

Integrated mark registration is the registration of marks, identical or similar, for products and services of the same or similar type or related to each other by the same subject. Integrated mark will include two or more products, services. Integrated mark has these following characteristics:

Subject characteristics: These marks must be registered by the same entity to be considered as integrated marks.

Characteristics of marks: Besides the same registered subject, marks which are considered as integrated marks must satisfy the conditions that they have identical or similar signs. For example, Toyota Corolla, Camry, Vios, Toyota Celica, Toyota Avalon are similar marks of Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota.

Characteristics of products and services: These marks must be related to each other in terms of mark samples and product groups and services provided. Specifically: Wave, Wave S, Wave RS, are marks for Honda’s product line of Wave motorcycles. These are the integrated marks of Honda company.

The purpose of registering integrated marks is to prevent third parties from registering marks similar to the oneswhich the enterprises have been granted protection titles. Companies need to take registering their marks into great consideration to protect their rights and best interests.

Note about the declaration when registering integrated marks: In comparison with regular independent marks, when registering an integrated mark, the registrar should mind the mark registration declaration as follows:

  • The description of the mark in the declaration must clearly indicate that the registered mark is an integrated mark;
  • Applicants must point out the integrated elements of the marks, goods or services:
  • In case the integrated element is a mark, it must be clearly stated whether any of the integrated marks are considered fundamental or not, if so, which is; If one or some of these marks have been registered or stated in the previous application, the number of protection titles and previous applications must be specified;
  • In case the integrated element is goods or services, it must be clearly stated whether or not among those goods or services is considered basic or not, and if so, what goods, services, public service are; If one of the goods or services has been previously registered or stated in the previous application, the number of protection titles and previous applications must be specified;
  • If the applicant does not specify a basic mark or basic goods or services, all marks and mark-related goods and services stated in the applicant’s application shall be considered independent from each other. An assessment of the distinctive ability of a mark stated in the application shall not be applied to the exception of an integrated mark.


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