Real estate in Vietnam

Real estate in Vietnam

Real estate investment and real estate development in Vietnam involves a variety of complex and diverse legal issues such as land, construction, bidding, co-operative contracts and capital contributions. investment, etc., as well as requiring close coordination with competent state agencies in the process of verification and licensing of project activities.

Being one of the professional legal consultants in the field of real estate in Vietnam, Dream Law aims to maximize the safety and convenience of customers in the real estate development process in Vietnam since the real estate. Existing legal procedures until the completion of the project effectively and best suited to the culture and business environment of Vietnam, including:


1. Legal issues, policies and investment environment for the real estate sector in Vietnam;

2. Due Diligence for project and project documentation;

Advise and implement the necessary legal procedures to obtain the necessary permits, approvals and approvals related to the development of the project (investment approval, investment license, approval project planning, construction permit, land use right certificate and payment of land use fee, certificate of ownership of property);

4. Consultancy and support in the process of cooperation and investment invitations related to the project (cooperation contract, capital contribution contract, future asset purchase and sale contract, coupons and types of securities allowed, etc.);

5. Support to resolve legal issues arising in the investment and development process of the project.



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